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When I needed an expert I was referred to Josh. He is a true professional with a passion for his work. His insight, deductive reasoning and attention to detail was a defining factor in my litigation having a positive outcome. He educated me and also listened. Most of all, he is a man of integrity.

Shawn Sirgo |Sirgo & Associates

Josh has the knowledge, integrity and the ability to relate, convey, and educate. I am hoping to get Josh out to California to continue to expand his influence!

Virginia L. Landry |Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc.

DUI Expert witness Josh Ott has been tremendously helpful to me. I've worked with Josh now on two DUI cases. He was unbelievably responsive, got me reports right away, and took the time to explain to me in depth what his findings were. One of the cases was very short notice, and Josh stepped up and got it done right away. Josh's range of expertise was great. I've already utilized him as an expert on DUI Drugs, DUI Alcohol, the Intoxilyzer 9000 operation, and Drug Recognition Expert Techniques. I can't recommend him more highly.

Sean Goldstein |Goldstein Law Group

Josh is an expert when it comes to "under the influence" cases, with the training, experience, and precise understanding of procedures and the law necessary to provide a thorough and honest evaluation regarding an alcohol or controlled substance arrest. I recently attended a training class run by Josh, and his mastery of the material was evident from the beginning. Highly Recommended!

Eric Crawford |Crawford and Boyle, LLC

Josh is a fantastic and well-respected expert. I have used his services on a number of cases, many with tremendous outcomes. He is cordial, responsive, and juries appreciate his candor and honesty. I knew him as a police officer first, but his reputation as an expert in the DUI field is growing by the day. I would recommend him to any lawyer or individual in need of an intelligent and seasoned expert witness for trial or case review.

Justin Spizman | The HAWKINs Law Firm

Josh does an excellent job preparing for and testifying in court. He's a straight shooter and someone that you can rely on to give honest assessments of your cases. I highly recommend his service.

Ben Sessions | The Sessions Law Firm, LLC

Josh is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to DUI investigations. He is a true expert and a great person to work with. He is an invaluable resource when it comes to evaluating DUI evidence and presenting his findings in court. I highly recommend Josh!

Erin Gerstenzang | EHG Law Firm


Josh Ott helped my case tremendously! He was confident in his stance regarding my case and played a huge role in the positive outcome I received. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an expert to come in and truly analyze the situation on your behalf.

Melanie Barber



Josh Ott at Caselock helped me to be more than ready for my DUI trial and helped me to get the outcome that I was looking for. My client was over the moon as well with the results. Josh took the time to produce a well done review of the case and took even more time to discuss all the fine details necessary for a trial. He is a talented and a consummate professional.

Lisa Wells | Lisa Wells Law Firm



Josh and his team at Caselock, Inc. are an invaluable resource for clients needing top-tier analysis and testimony in impaired driving cases. With his years of experience, countless hours of training, and work ethic, Josh and Caselock are a trusted partner in evaluating all aspects of DUI cases.

Evan Watson | Zeliff Watson Attorneys at Law



I recently used Josh Ott as a field sobriety expert witness in a difficult case and he was fantastic. His report was thorough and insightful, his willingness to help and collaborate with me was outstanding, and his testimony in trial was excellent. I absolutely recommend his services if you are looking for a DUI expert who is top notch.

Ashley Schiavone | Schiavone Law Group PC

I used Josh Ott on a case recently as an expert for case preparation and to testify in a jury trial in superior court. Josh was excellent in his report writing, phone consultations and testimony on the stand. I was really impressed. I polled the jury after verdict and asked about their impressions of Ott and they all said he really impressed them, he knew his stuff, he was in the right business. I asked other courtroom personnel and they were likewise impressed. Josh is the real deal - great expert and has a lot of credibility.

Jeff Wolff | Jeffrey Wolff, LLC

Josh - Thanks for your extremely precise review of two different difficult cases. Both accusations were reduced to reckless driving - in no small part to your thorough evaluation of the video. I am thrilled and the client is so appreciative of the resolution. Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Michael LaScala | Arora & LaScala

Mr. Ott is beyond knowledgeable - he is an expert in his field and it shows. His analysis of my client's DUI case was in depth and thoughtful to the point it highlighted weaknesses in the States case that I might've missed on my own. Caselock is a priceless tool in preparation for trial and one that can truly make the difference in your tough cases.

Gabe Winters | Gabriel Winters Law, LLC

Having spent 15 years litigating everything from minor offenses through ulta-complex white collar and civil issues on behalf of Georgia's finest families, my clients can only afford to rely on the best legal Experts and Consultants.  Josh Ott has the experience and integrity to both fully evaluate your issues and lock your facts down in the face of a withering attack by opposing counsel.  While too many experts have "for sale" opinions, Josh Ott and the Caselock crew provide rock solid analysis that can withstand the most cynical inspection.

Joshua G. Schiffer | Chanco Schiffer Olson PC

Josh Ott is the best expert witness you could possibly use. He is extremely professional, and responsive. Aside from being an asset outside the courtroom for case and trial preparation he is invaluable on the witness stand. Josh is always available, and willing to help at anytime. If you utilize his services you will not be sorry.

Jim Yeargan | Yeargan, Barber & Kert, LLC

Mr. Ott is one of the best professionals of any sort that I've had the privilege of working with. He's thorough, detail oriented, and remarkably meticulous in everything he does. His opinions are painstakingly researched and tested. The work product you get from him is unparalleled. His experience and knowledge adds to every case that you give him. And his accessibility, analytical skills, and genuine care are unmatched in the industry. I highly recommend this expert. I now use him on just about every case I have whether it's DUI or murder. Do your clients a favor and hire him.

Jonathon Majeske | Yeargan, Barber & Kert, LLC